Cranked Out

by Samantha   Oct 30, 2007

Flick the Needle
straighten the line
either way,
you'll be feelin' fine

bloody noses,
or track marks
they sell it at schools.
stores and parks

inject it or snort it
do it either way
it's with your life
that you'll have to pay

i've seen it up close
and it's really scary
my friends all did it
but then they were buried

since it's your life
I can't stop you
but you'll eventually die
so go ahead and do what you want to.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Stazifer Stazington

    This was REALLY good.

    And so so soooo true, sadly.

    I loved the emotion.

    But the LAST line, was so-so

    Either way, excellent poem.

    4/5 [: