I thought i got rid of you...

by Josh   Nov 24, 2007

The love of my life was finally out of my life for good
wondering if i even should, try to call her and change her, yeah...i would if i could
but i cant so i wont now i don't even want her no more
the pain in my back was still sore from when she cheated on me more
what should i do? now that my days are always blue
and i cant even begin to think about what life would be like with someone new
i finally get the balls to quit her like an addict
then she keeps calling me and writing me my heart hurts so bad its tragic
nostalgic sitting here looking at pictures of my past
and I'm trying to find the words to put her in my past at last
and leaving her there not even aware of a strand of her hair i no longer care
as a matter of fact i wont even look back finally get my life back on track and get what i lack


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  • 11 years ago

    by Black Princess

    Interesting write, the flow was a little off and the ending was average but i still enjoyed the poem. Alot of emotion and i related to it easily. 4/5 well done