My Demon

by lakitu   Nov 28, 2007

"Do it!" the demon whispered
"Shed another drop"
"I can't" I whispered
"I promised I would stop"

"Do you think they'd notice?
No one will know they are there
No one gives a damn
Does anyone really care?"

I stopped a thought a minute,
Maybe the demons right,
Would they really notice,
If I cut my arm tonight?

I've no one to listen,
No one to understand,
No one to hold me tight,
No one to hold my hand.

"You know I'm right!" He cried
"You know you will give in,
Cos I am always by your side,
And I will always win!"

I didn't really hesitate
As I crept across the floor,
I held my breath,
And slowly opened the draw.

I held the blade,
In the palm of my hand.
"It's your only friend" He whispered
"The only one who will understand."

"I promise I'll only do one"
I said as the blood began to run.
But I couldn't stop,
kept going it was almost fun.

The demon laughed hysterically,
As my floor turned deep red,
I slumped against the wall,
All dizzy in the head.

I began to cry, tears rolled down my face.
"Why did I listen to you?!"
I yelled, he just smirked
"What else were you going to do?"

His eyes glistened daringly,
"I told you I would win,
I can make you do anything,
I can always make you sin."

I watched my blood make a pattern,
Deep and deadly on the floor,
This is it I thought,
I won't be around much more.

Darkness engulfed me,
The demon had finally gone,
But once again, I stumbled,
Tripped, and in the end, he won.


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