Parents.....My Story

by Emo   Dec 27, 2007

Sick of the lieing
Tired of crying,
Please no more fighting
From mom i try hiding,
Remembering the past
The hurt hits me oh so fast,
Couldnt my dad have me
Please from her set me free,
Remembers the bruises
And of how she abuses,
The questions she wanted lies
So from our dad she could cut the ties,
Then we wouldnt lie
So she beat us how i wished to die,
Said it was our dad
Lost what sanity left i had,
Lost us he did
Of her i want rid,
Sick of the lies
These hiding she tries,
I may have been small
But i remember them all,
The pain she caused us
Yell if we ever did fuss,
She starts to go back to hurting
With lots of men she had been flirting,
Saw things i shouldnt have even heard
But me i said not a word,
Let her have control
Even if i lost my soul,
Want my life as mine
Everyone said it'd all be fine,
But its never been
Help comes when?
Still throws things
Shoves me around,
Wanna fly away on wings
Still heard from me not a sound,
Wears things that hide
Till the bruises subside,
Still i get cut
But yet keep my mouth tight shut,
I stay silent no matter how bad
Not even tell my dad,
Silently i'll cry
Till the day i finally die.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by letmedie2night

    Thats a really good and emotional poem im sorry to hear of your pain its like that for me but hey dont worry about it keep your head up and smile even if it hurts. your not alone with this pain my friend

  • 10 years ago

    by X Kashies Misery X

    Poem wise, I think the lirics, the flow could have been better.

    Emotional wise, you really captured my attention..

    Personally I could relate to some extent

    For your sake -- if this is about you, if this is all true, which im ossuming it is,
    you're going to have to find your feet,
    Find your voice now for you have a long time to live and you need to get OUT.

    If you need any advice or jus twant to talk,
    pm me....
    I'm one of the ones that made it past

    but if not thats cool

  • 10 years ago

    by Stephanie Naylor

    Crystal, you kno i love u, and i wish i could take u away from everything tht has happened to you, and everything tht is currently hurting you, b cuz i love u to much, and i hate theres notthing tht i can do, but like i said, u ever need me, call me, 654-6291

  • 10 years ago

    by XxNeverlettinyougoxX

    I dont know you but i love this poem that you wrote, and i think that you are very brave

  • 10 years ago

    by Makesha

    I love this poem. it shows emotion and true characteristic. it show stuff that happens in everyday life and thas why i love it.