Piece Of My Heart

by FridusBlueheaven   Dec 29, 2007

Title : Piece Of My Heart
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

Piece of my heart,
I'm so sorry to let you feel what I truly feel
That you'll be too tired that I never make it real
Just too afraid of taking chance, worry about deal
And in the end, I'm the one to have it concealed

Piece of my heart,
I'm sorry for all the hurt that you should sense at all
I maybe too weak, but I never meant to let you fall
I never meant to leave you this way just to see you crawl
And I never thought that you'd stuck in that lonely wall

Piece of my heart,
I'm sorry and I'm sorry, those are words that I can say
I'm with you everyday, but I never try to show you the way
Well, I've tried to be good for you, but sorry if I couldn't do
But heart, deep inside me you know that I'd be hurt too

Piece of my heart,
I'm sorry if I'm not brave enough to face the truth
You'll always take the blame of this misunderstood
When everything looked like a perfect beautiful view
But I never could express what's deep inside of you


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by BeautifulxMess

    Great poem written i really liked this one.
    Keep up the wonderful work. You have such
    beuatiful love poems and theya re amazing
    keep writing.

  • 10 years ago

    by Stephanie Naylor

    Some of the rhyming was again forced, but not as bad as some of yuor other poems. The reption was really good, and it was a wonderful poem. This is a very good write, a well deserved 5/5

    Stephanie Naylor

  • 10 years ago

    by Blissful

    I loved the repitition of the title throughout the poem. It was real effective in getting your message across. The emotions were real and the style was unique. Beautiful write *5/5*

  • This poem hit home for me so well that I started to cry reading it. I've added it to my favorites so I can read it later too. If that doesn't tell you how much I love it, then nothing can. 6/5 ;)

  • Aww, this was just amazing.
    Even though it's sad, you managed to make it look beautiful.
    Great job! 5/5