Sing Me Promises

by Kristi White   Jan 16, 2008

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Sing to me your sorrows,
I'll hear every word you say
and if you'll promise me tomorrow
I'll promise you today.
Sing to me your fears.
I'll hold you through them all
and if you promise me a verse,
I'll promise you a song.
Sing to me your troubles.
I'll take them off your hands
and if you promise you will talk
I'll promise to understand.
Sing to me your faults.
I'll return with those of mine
and if you promise to accept me
I'll promise not to lie.
Sing to me your doubts.
I'll support you through the worse
and if you promise to compromise
I'll promise to make it work.
Sing to me your heart,
End it with a kiss
and if you promise you'll still love me
I'll sing you promises.


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  • 10 years ago

    by ohhhso

    Great poem. I especially love the beginning, great structure as well. Favorited & 5/5! (:

  • 10 years ago

    by SUSPEKT

    This poems good. nice work