by CHRiSTiNE   Jan 23, 2008

Tears dry fast but my heart cries faster;
I was set on my life but you made it a disaster;
You told me you wanted to leave to make my life better;
But in reality I wish you were there to make these things better;

I realize now the reason why you wanted to let me go;
You did so I could be independent alone, and grow;
I am all those things now;
But in all honesty I wish you were still around;

I wish you couldâ??ve grown with me;
But youâ??ve grown with someone else;
You made me feel used;
You made me hate myself;

Today I am a new person, moving on with my life;
I am new person who learned how to fight;
You made me realize how I need to do things myself;
But still it kills me to see you with someone else;


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