Just A Hunch

by BlEeDiNg FoR tHe OnE i LoVe   Jan 25, 2008

I knew something wasnt right
When you first came into my sight
But you were hot and I was horny
To tell you the truth I thought you were a little corny

My heart told me not to
But I still fell for you
Went against all i was known for
and in the end you kicked me out the door

Ignoring my phone calls was just the start
Started to realize, we're better apart
I am a little hurt, because you said you'd never leave
Knew it was too good to believe

Wanted to give you a chance to tell your story
Waited for you to say not to worry
Before i could get it out, it was already done
But thanx for that weekend it was fun

You said you just werent feelin it
I got emotional and "threw a fit"
Told you just to tell me why
Bet you thought I was gonna cry

Then outta the blue, the table turned round
I said i dont care because you were just rebound
You ask if we can still be friends
I laughed inside, but agreed in the end

I made myself believe that you werent the same
Playing a worthless, childish game
I think you do like me, but i'm a bit much
Hey! What do i know, its just a hunch!!!


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