The Fall

by Crystal Rose Crahan   Jan 28, 2008

Of many a moonlit Autumn nights
peaceful Earth and star-filled skies
Misplaced pain, forgotten despair
lost in the magic of the midnight air.
The wind dies down to a calming breeze
leaving only the sound of the nearby sea.
A twinkling star in the distant sky
there something below has caught my eye
As you came to me, beautiful one
blinding like the midnight sun.
One nervous glance from me to you
I knew right then you could feel it too
And from then on I knew you were mine
We have found what we were looking for all this time.

The ocean crashed into the shore
and the wind picked up a little more
The trees cried out in great dismay
but merrily we went our way.
There came a night of great despair
I felt a great change in the air
The sky grew dark, the wind grew cold
the test of time has taken its toll.
The tranquil waters turned to stone
As the air around me began to moan
A single tear dropped from your eye
and thousands more rained from the sky.

The thunder then began to sound
and lightning's flashing all around.
Rain is quickly pouring down
As slowly I begin to drown
Last thing I see before I die
a bolt of lightning from the sky
You must not have heard it call
Your scattered ashes left to fall.
It all came to a peaceful end
no broken hearts there left to mend
No tears to cry, no truth to bend
no memories of what might have been
The breeze picks up, once again
the dust is carried in the wind
So gone is what was left of me
leaving only the sound of the nearby sea.


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    by kasia nicole

    I really liked this poem. cant wait to read more. kasia 5/5