Devil's puppet

by william   Jan 28, 2008

Do you believe in the Devil and the Lord?
Or is believing something you cannot afford?
If I were you, I would believe it all.
Something bad might happen. He may call.

Who is "he" you might ask?
He is a nightmare from the past.
I was scared of what would happen to me.
Would I go down there, or up to be free.

If you were wise, you would listen.
Avoid the dead eyes that rage and glisten.
He's waiting for you in the palm of his hand.
Don't look towards him, or he will rise and stand.

He will capture you like he does to others.
He will take you away from you're father and mother.
He will follow you where ever you go.
He could be standing beside you, and you wouldn't know.

Please don't laugh, because this is all true.
He could be watching. And waiting for you.
So don't prove yourself as a nigger and shit.
You're life is a bomb, set on 87 ticks.

Go back to you're life now, and do the right thing.
Make sure you are pure, healthy and clean.
If you ever whisper to the pits of hell.
He will come forward, and take you well.

Once he owns you like a pup.
You better pray, cause your not coming up.
If you want to die in peace, and let you're soul free.
You should be smart, and listen to me.

If you are scared from what I tell you.
Don't you worry, just be true.
I little mistake can be forgiven-
But to take a life away, yours won't be liven.

You are a child of God himself.
Listen to him more than anyone else.
If you get captured by the wrong eyes.
You're soul won't be free, it'll just die.


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  • 10 years ago

    by checkerboard

    I really like it, someone could believe what it says. i would give it a 5/5. keep up the good work! =}

  • 10 years ago

    by Maxi Mutilation

    Heyz! nice poem. it was funny, cute and believable=)

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