Apollo's Frock

by Aodh Hyperion   Feb 1, 2008

He decided to lose the bright to fell on his hands
Travelling faster in a rocket's red glare there's this winged-star
So in love and dreaming with a strange man so afar
Didn't find love when he unravelled the secrets of his lands
There's no place for the righteous .. but a place for the wicked
A man with a fin swimming in Pandora's aquarium
The stars refuse to leave traces of light in his planetarium

He feels so proud to be in Apollo's frock
Playing god and in control of love by his well-polished badge
He is always so beautiful as the saddest rainstorm
Who lives a life that's not his and don't hold time back

What are you going to do with all your freedom?
When all you can do is release this demon?
There's someone else through this thick glass
Now I see why your badge changed from gold to brass
Lost in sepia...lost in sepia through an optical stimulus
He could watch me from those hidden sides
He could watch myself lost in his sepia eyes

Left in the rear view ...

In a theatre in Buenos Aires you lost Apollo's frock
I see you don't dance through your flamenco tunes anymore
You still look beautiful as the saddest rainstorm
Who don't have the power to control love like before

What are you going to do with all your stories?
When all the pages of madness were ripped to achieve your glories?
You think maybe I don't want to be your boy today
Found your old GPS displaying I'm off to Galway
I still burn our favourite CDs to listen to with you in my car
I can still see you on the shore where the sun shines golden
And waves slow down to make you embolden

Just tell your gods for me that your debts are off this year
They are free to leave once you became sincere
Maybe the heart is still weak
That's why I'll wait till the sun rays shine obliquly
It's already morning time and I miss you


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