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i am me... thats who i am.... and all i can speak for

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  • Do, Do you, Do you know?
    Do you know how long I've waited...

  • What do you think inside your head, i wanna know...

  • - Things change and people do too -
    ..But my love only goes out...

  • I want to go back to age 6 where
    boys had cooties ; or back to age...

  • I didn't lose him; I let him go. I didn't get over...

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  • I didnt lose him; I let him go. I didnt get over him; I moved on. Wen you truly love some1 you never lose them or get over them, they will always mean something to you, so no matter how hard you try if it was tru love, youl nvr forget them.

    13 years ago
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  • People say they wish they had a happy ending, I wish I had a story...

    13 years ago
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  • EvEr HaVe OnE oF tHoSe DaYs... WhEn SoMeOnE
    cOmEs Up AnD aSkS "...WhAt'S wRoNg?..."
    AnD yOu SaY --> "I dOnT fEeL gOoD...."
    aNd ThEy SaY "..aW WhAt HuRtS?"
    . . .AnD aLL u WaNnA sAy Is
    "My HeArT"

    13 years ago
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