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Thanks everyone for reading my poems.If it wasnt for my EX boyfriend lamar I wouldnt be able to write them.He's my inspiration.All of my poems are things that happen to me now and then.
If you vote and comment on my poems I return the favor twice or more.Thanks.

I also give very good advice.It builds up my skills because my major in collage will be psycology.
Thanks again.

Ive found New love and i happy 2 say that he makes me feel so good and im in love.

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  • Is true love really true,
    if it slowly falls apart...

  • It was one of those love things
    where two people click from the start.They feel...

  • I once loved a boy,
    and I thought he loved me...

  • U said you would always love me....
    that u always thought about me...

  • Every drop of blood
    Became another drop of pain...

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  • I wish 4 dreams because in all my dreams, i am always with you.

    13 years ago
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  • Love starts with Hello,
    Grows with a KISS,
    And ends with a TEAR.

    13 years ago
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  • I sent my love it was up to him to recieve my heart.

    13 years ago
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