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hey people,
please read and make comments on my poems!
i mostly write from real life experiances. i write from the heart. it would really mean a lot to me if you commented and voted on them. if you leave a comment i'll try my best to comment on one of yours.
thank you!!

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Latest Poems By crystal

  • Where will this go?
    oh, where will this take us today...

  • I feel like i'm stuck
    not going anywhere...

  • Ready (1)

    The world is spinning. I'm trying to find my...
    **i don't know if you could exactly call it a...

  • Your eyes light up
    when she walks through the door...

  • This place holds many memories
    both good times and bad...

Latest Quotes By crystal

  • In losing you,
    i've lost my light

    13 years ago
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  • This is life
    this is time
    not just a concept
    not just a rhyme

    13 years ago
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  • There are somethings you can count on
    somethings you can trust
    somethings stay forever
    but somethings fade to dust

    this is a quote from one of my poems. it's called Dust. if you like the quote check out my poem. thanks

    13 years ago
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