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Some hyna MELISSA Has my picture on her myspace n she sayin I'm her homie "Carlos". Melissa u lookin good ruca pero I'm not Carlos ey so Wut Up y u usin my pic n sayin Im ur homie Carlos? lol

Q Vole'? My names Hector a.k.a ElSmurf cuz I only stand at 5'2 and most of my homies are way taller.
Pos I'm a cholo and I stand up 4 my crew.
Im Mexican/American and I grew up in Califaz but I moved hurr 2 Tejas. I don't got a ruca anymo cuz there was sum difficulties lol...so Im fo sho lookin out. I write rhymes as in flowin(rappin) but I used 2 write poems.iight well Payce.
x13 Por vida

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