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im into football, lowriders. the classic cars, like cadillacs, impalas, chevys, bombers, bel airs. those are some nice rides. i also like the lowrider bikes, especially the beach crusiers. they're nice. i like drawing, watching cartoons. shows like courage the cowardly dog, tom and jerry, flintstones, grim adventures of billy and mandy, family guy, futurama, and on and on.... im about 5'6 long brown hair, brown eyes, light brown skin.

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  • Age : 20
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Arizona
  • Joined : May 17, 2005
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Latest Poems By tweet

  • Tons of stones thrown at you
    not a bit of a pebble to let you through...

  • First time I saw you
    I felt this vibe, I knew...

  • I express my feelings when I write
    Thinking of you, day and night...

  • Behind this smile is a sad girl
    Hiding within a beautiful pearl...

  • Confused about what to do
    Stay n call you boo...

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  • Caught in another dream
    lost the touch bout to scream
    love this fool more than ice cream
    but ive come to learn love is not always what it seems.....


    8 years ago
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  • A point in time the road splits
    A choice to be made so quick
    No time left to press rewind
    No pass mistakes left to find

    11 years ago
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  • Theres a dime a dozen
    Even one in a million
    But theres only once in a lifetime

    11 years ago
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