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Hey! alright well ive been writing since i was about in 7th grade after this summer i will be in 11 uhm hmm i write a lot of sad poetry but its not because i am a person who thinks there life is the worst and stuff that is actually why i write its my way to let it out another reason i write is to pull other emotion out of people and try to get them to see something more well i hope you enjoy =D
P.S. I will try my very best to comment back on everyone thnx

if youd like to read some of my more resent poetry go to

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Latest Poems By Beth

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    To tell you all that's wrong...

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    who laugh and pretend...

  • Why will the tears not run down my cheek
    But through my wrists they leak and leak...

  • Soul (1)

    The blood from her Wrists
    Moved much like her soul...

  • 130 (1)

    130 pills exact
    counted each one and put them back...