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i like depressing poems because they have a truth that everyone feels but supresses....i am starting to write my own but i cant spell and they arent that good....but i really like quotes so if u have any advise for me please email me or anything.

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Latest Poems By Gale

  • Were just like pictures along with their mistakes
    Perfect and precious to be kept forever...

  • What would happen if i died
    What would the world say...

  • As she mysteriously gazes into the water,
    She makes her tears silent so she wont be a...

  • As she silently sits and wonders about her life,
    What the future might have been...

  • There is no such thing as normal,
    There is no such thing as perfect...

Latest Quotes By Gale

  • So she crawls to hall she leans on the wall,And she silently sits and dies.
    People gathered in awe because they for-saw "this girls" rapid decline.

    from one of my poems

    12 years ago
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  • mask was broken,
    My true face was reveled,
    Now I site in the shadows because my fate is siled.

    from my poem my fait is siled...please read and comment

    12 years ago
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  • The believer is happy, the doubter is wise
    -not mine but i like it

    13 years ago
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