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I'm a junior at Jennings County High School...i am on the JCHS dance team and i am currently single and i hate it.. i miss Justin a tons a bunch..we were supposed to get married this summer...Im a compulsive dot maker...if you havent noticed...i dont get along well with girls...they piss me off...i used to just write about heartbreak...bc thats all i used to feel, then i got happy...and my emotions are still a bit mixed...i just recently started writin about well...sexual things such as games, and dark shit such as secrets thats about it for now...O best friends in the whole world are...Jessi Louden...i met her in 4th grade...Derek Ackenback...met him in 4th grade too...and Meisha Grigsby...met her in 7th grade when we both tried out for dance yea...and Emily Jackson...we arent as good of friends as we were...but i met her in like yea...thats it for sure...

treasurer of Tangela's tree climbing club...
*Keynya Dawn*

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  • You think that im happybut im not... the cold, hard truth is ...
    this smile is the best lie i got

    11 years ago
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  • I wasnt lookin for a lifetime with you... just a great time...

    13 years ago
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  • I wont be the reason for anyones tears

    13 years ago
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