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My name Is Christine and I'm rele glad to be on this site you all mean a lot to me, and your poems are beautiful and please send me feedbacks I'm dying to get some. Luv ya lotz, Coco is my nickname
wear it out lol

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  • I felt like I had everything,
    when I was with you...

  • I never could wear t-shirts
    my arms were to bloody to show...

  • It's like chocolate in a smore
    It's like oversleeping in my bed...

  • Have you ever had a person walk by you and always...
    All the things around me disappear...

  • You look at me
    and i just die...

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  • ~*I\'ll Hold The Grenade If You Pull The Pin, Turn And Run, And Don\'t Look Back!*~ I made this up a few days before I found out we were putting down my dog....

    12 years ago
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  • He makes me fly though my feet dont leave the ground. Everytime I see him, I feel like walking up to him and giving him that kiss...what happens when it stops? Will we be friends again? Or will we keep falling over and over and over again?

    12 years ago
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  • *True* ~BubbleGum~

    My love is like a piece of bubble gum that a guy chews and spits out when it loses flavor.

    12 years ago
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