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Hey peeps wat up?!
let me tell u a lil bout myself, i love to act stupid in public jus so ppl will look at me! haha
Some guys just love me cuz im so sweet,
But girls hate me cuz well i havent really figurd that out yet lol
but my friends say im out going funny and a good person...
I love to write poems, as u can see lol.
Ive been writing them since i was i was 11.
I just think of them as a diary of feelings.
I write them b/c they make me feel better.
It helps me get all my feelings out in a positive way instead of doing stupid stuff like most ppl do.
well i jus hope yal like my poems!
if ya don't oh well!
i still love ya haha! well i guess i will let ya'll go....bye! ..............................P.S. please dont steal my sh*t i worked my hardest to be a good writer and these r my own personal feelings so please just read them and rate or comment instead of take. cuz if ya do then thats so stupid and just low...
plz & thank u.

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Latest Poems By Brittany Paige

  • I wish you would tell me I'm the one.
    and never would have said what we had is done...

  • You don't look at me the same.
    Your eyes now fill with shame...

  • Numbness is the feeling I get.
    This I will not admit...

  • You say you want to forget...
    And everything you did with me you regret...

  • Demons are in my head they're in my dreams...
    No one can hear my loud but silent screams...

Latest Quotes By Brittany Paige

  • -"I'm a sweet marshmellow who needs smore love, but i'm missing the chocolate and the passionate fire!"

    8 years ago
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  • Burnt boys aren't worth it,
    Get you a mayo man!!!

    8 years ago
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  • What am i supposed to do?
    when i'm all choked up and you're okay....

    8 years ago
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