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I see poetry as the window to my soul, yet my window is shattered and broken into many fragments which reflects my different emotions, and therefore inspires my different types of poetry.

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Latest Poems By julie

  • Just another self-pitying poem :)
    Lurking in the pit of my stomach, hatred slowly...

  • Am I the only thing not man made?
    Or for whose love has not been paid...

  • Bodies rotten, the dead forgotten.
    Tortured souls, missing holes...

  • Assasins of the sea, elegant, powerful, azure...
    swiftly guiding, floating in the sea that they...

  • Late at night darkness has consumed the skies,
    In a secluded room, concealed from prying eyes...

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  • Sometimes i feel I love you so much, i will collapse by the weight of it, and drown because of the joy of it.

    13 years ago
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