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The world around me gives me the inspiration to write the poems and quotes that I write. Also my personal experiences in love and life have a lot to do with my poetry. I dont sit down and write drafts for poems I just sit down and write. I find that writing poetry is an outlet to everything, almost. I feel free to speak my mind even if no one is listening. As my mother says "You are your own best company" and that is so the truth.
I ask that you please leave comments on the poems that you read, rather it be insight or a regular comment. It lets me know what the readers really feel and maybe inspire a new poem or quote! Thanx!
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  • It's been said that love finds the patient and...
    I've been patient and there are some things that I...

  • How can you trust what you can not see?
    Is what friends asked of my Christianity...

  • I was told that if you find a true friend you've...
    Yet I've come across two that I'll treasure...

  • Where to begin with these feelings that I feel
    Started from nothing, i guess thats how i know its...

  • I can only give what I have
    Will never give who I am...

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  • Guilt is the cousin to Reality

    9 years ago
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  • Live today for a better tomorrow

    10 years ago
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  • For every rain drop that hits my window a reason why I love you dances in my mind!

    10 years ago
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