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Name: Bethany
Nickname: Bethy, Beth
Age: 15

I write to express the way i feel. How people make me feel and also I write for other people.

Not all of my poems are about myself. I write in the perspective that they are about me, but this is not always the case.

The people I love know who they are. My family means everything to me. My brothers are my biggest strength yet I believe they are sometimes my biggest weakness.

My friends are the people I have chosen to share my life with. They are so important to me.

Anyway. Hope you enjoy my poems and quotes. comment please, either good or bad.

Beth -xox-

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Latest Poems By BlAcK TaNgLeD HeArT

  • One day I hope to be able to let go,
    of the memories now passed...

  • Dear Angel,
    don't ever fall, ill always be here for you...

  • She was daddy's little girl,
    When she sat upon his knee...

  • You're the one who keeps me going,
    When things are just too tough...

  • Here comes the blood once again,
    That's rushing to the surface of her skin...

Latest Quotes By BlAcK TaNgLeD HeArT

  • Its amazing how you can draw me in and then leave me for nothing.

    11 years ago
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  • ++**..when all the blood rushes to your head....thats when you make silly decisions..**++

    11 years ago
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  • ++**And no matter how hard i punch the wall, it still doesnt reduce the pain...**++

    11 years ago
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