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i love music and poetry, it's basically my life. i guess i could say that i'm a person of morals and common sense. from the ouside i'm a really happy person, but when you really get to know me...


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  • Rip

    Before you go, I'd like you to know
    How much you meant to me...

  • I couldn't believe that it actually happened
    i finally got him out of my heart...

  • Have you ever fell in love
    but knew he did not care...

  • My failures are now in the spotlight
    introducing my fears and regrets...

  • Having false hope and unbearable pain
    Courage drowned by my bleeding rain...

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  • Life is a miracle, death is peaceful. its the steps in between them that's troublesome.

    11 years ago
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  • I have found my happiness by limitting my desires, rather than trying to satisfy them.

    11 years ago
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  • Luv is like a bball game ..ur down by 10 points and thers half a minute left in the clock...wud u give or keep on playing?

    12 years ago
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