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I am oh so very emotional. I like kittens and puppies and playing games with my grandma. I hate tobacco. My favorite food is chicken. I bite my nails. I love music and I couldn't live without it. Its my obsession. My favorite body part are my green eyes. I absolutely adore little kids and being outside. I hate breakfast. Chocolate milk and eggs make my stomach hurt. I like the smell of fresh cut grass. Driving with the windows down in a simple joy in life. I hope I never get to old to play frizbee and basketball. I believe everyone needs a friend. I think Jesus is really cool. Really, really cool: I LOVE HIM!

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  • Age : 18
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Latest Poems By Never*gonna*make*it

  • I have a boyfriend,
    that's where I'll start...

  • I keep my heart in a box
    Locked and stored away...

  • The words are in my head
    I just can't put them on paper...

  • My momma named me Kacie.
    Born August of '88...

  • I am the girl who has made to many mistakes.
    I am the girl everyone wants to break...

Latest Quotes By Never*gonna*make*it

  • Trust your friends when they say
    "this one's trouble" because they
    can see things that you refuse to.

    9 years ago
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  • Happiness will never
    come to those who don't already
    appreciate what they have

    9 years ago
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  • It's not what i feel for
    you, it's what i don't feel
    for anyone but you

    9 years ago
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