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  • You said that you love me
    so why did you leave me...

  • ...:::{i know this is long but please comment on...
    I do not know where to start...

  • ~.....::::Please rate and comment on this poem it...
    Dear god please Kill Me...

  • She smiles like she doesn't care,
    laughs like their is no tomorrow...

  • How do i carry on when i can not stand up?
    how do i wipe away my tears when its all i could...

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  • No matter how many times you say you love me in a day doesn't change the fact that you treat me like a cheap *hore at night...

    11 years ago
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  • Sometimes i question if loving you is really worth all this pain inside...

    11 years ago
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  • She puts on her glasses as he starts to walk away so incase he looks back he wont see the tears as they begin to fall.....


    12 years ago
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