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I love writing poems, it helps me to express how i realy feel, i find writing love poems come fluently to me, though i dont know why. I like making new friends where-ever i go, and posses the "gift of the gab", talk to anyone and everyone without feeling strange about it, most people know me here by now, so dont be afraid to say hi, thanks for reading.

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  • Age : 22
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : UK
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Latest Poems By Pedro

  • I will wait forever
    To see you smile...

  • Unstable entires always
    Burn out upon release...

  • I sit and ponder over everything
    all the things we said to do...

  • Today (1)

    Wake to a day of confusion
    Finding a hole in your heart...

  • After all was said and done
    And the storm begins to break...

Latest Quotes By Pedro

  • The nicest person in the world, the most perfect person there is, can also be your worst enamy, if you make them that way.

    12 years ago
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  • Live today like your first day
    Live tomorow like your last

    12 years ago
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  • "this is my life quot"

    the age old question of why are we here?
    We are here for one sinple reason, to make a difference.

    13 years ago
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