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Started out to express myself
but totally turned into something else.
it became a voice for the sick and lame!
Hear our verse!
feel our pain!

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  • Age : 37
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : USA, Georgia
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Latest Poems By Joe Moore

  • I should have taken head to the signs
    regardless of what i desired...

  • The maple swells from frail to machismo
    Green tree tea hails its season...

  • It's such a warm feeling
    Everytime that you pass by...

  • It was Fourth of July weekend
    Piedmont Park...

  • Morning comes again and I wake with room to cry
    No one there to dry my sobbing eye or...

Latest Quotes By Joe Moore

  • I never admired a bear that shit in the woods
    till i met a rich man with hemmrhoids.

    11 years ago
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  • I am young through the eyes of the
    babe for i begin life again
    i am the wisdom of the elders tounge
    after years of puberty ends
    for i am alpha and omega
    nothing escapes me
    for i am all that you are
    and all you will ever be.

    Most high

    11 years ago
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