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ello there, watz doin??? im a 15 yr old girl with dark hair and grey/blue eyes, my fave bands (or some of them) are taking back sunday, mcr, story of the year, the used, and like a kazillion others!!! lol my fave stuf to do is hangin out with friends, doesn't matter where as long as we're all havin fun, i'm in yr 10, i like writin sad poems coz theyre a nice non hurting myself way to get rid of feeling sad, or tell someone im mad at them. i can't really think of nutin else to write, so yeah.... anyone who reads this and wants to give me an HONEST opinion of my poems plz email me. I don't care if you tell me they are really really bad, it's constructive critisism!!!! lol, luv ya, Shiv xoxox =o)

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  • You're asking why I hate you.
    Why do you even ask...

  • Tell me you love me, say it's all true.
    Act like you mena it, I've heard it before...

  • For every tear i cried, for every bleeding cut,
    for every name you called me, b*t*h and w*o*e and...

  • Someone gave me a black rose,
    It still had every thorn...

  • Beautiful as usual, with cuts across her wrists.
    She cries alone in darkness, and wonders will she...