I start writing poetry at the age of six, when my parents brought me a yellow fuzzy note book from London. I am more than twice that age now but I had a huge break(couple of years) before I continued writing.

I am one of those people who dont really like to show off their work, and often critiseze myself. But a few of my close friends read my stuff and strongly sujested that I should consider publishing it.

Well...I thought Id post it first and see if its actualy not that if you have an opinion,dont be too nice to critisize or too strict to praise...ok...well thats about all that i want to share for now..


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  • You can't free the world from everything

    but you can try.

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  • There are many fish in the ocean; too bad were trapped in a dirty pond

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  • Freedom is not about how many things you can do on your own but how much you free yourself from gossip and judjement of others.

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