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heyy everyone!! everyone was lovin my poems?!?! wut happen now i'm getting like 1's for my poems:( well hopefully i'll get higher #'s then that and nice comments!!!

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  • Every day i wake up crying and go to bed at night...
    There are no rules to this game and you never win...

  • I cant make up my mind was it a good thing or bad?
    I picked up the phone we talked all night and i...

  • I wake up and turn on the light
    It's already morning, i haven't slept all night...

  • Latley I've been smiling and I wonder why
    I think i am in love I say with a sigh...

  • See i dnt know how to explain this
    theres this guy i really miss...

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  • Theres so I in S L U T but theres a U!!

    14 years ago
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  • If i die....love continues

    14 years ago
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  • Whats the point of living if where ment to die?

    14 years ago
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