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im 15. People say my writing is dark for my age but walk a day in my shoes and you would know why. I live with my grandparents. I dont know where my dad is and my mom lives with my brother and sister and my step dad. My brother is 2 and his name is aiden. My sister is 12 and her name is breana. My sister, brother and i all have diffriend dads. I hang out with preps, goth, skater, nerds, emos and ect.... If people dont like me then there loss not mine. People say i have p.m.s all the time but no i dont im just a b**** Im nice to my friends and stick up for them. if you want to e-mail me you can. Even if you have bad s*** to say about my writing just say it cuz honstly i could care less. If you take the time to get and know me you will relize im a good person and verry talktive.

My quizilla name is

Well ok i like to irish dance. I like vampire stories i like music i love Fall Out Boy! I also like rap, punk, contury, rocknroll. I dont go to church but i do belive in god. I am 5'1 i have med length Dark brown hair. And green eyes. well i gtg bye

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  • &&im not some freking call girl
    and im done being second best
    this time when you f**k up
    ill move on with the rest

    11 years ago
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  • I?m not depressed, I?m just sad

    I don?t cut, I like bleed

    I don?t bleed for fun , I bleed to know I?m alive

    I?m not dead I just wish I was


    12 years ago
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  • So take this knife and cut my wrists?.

    I wish this pain?didn?t exist?

    So slit my wrists?

    Life?s a sick game with way too many twists


    12 years ago
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