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hey my name is Zena . im a cancer n` that kinda hauntsz me considering my friend died from cancer:( anyways i love to write poetry ..duh`.. lol . most of my poetry is about me n my life of being a fu.cked up teenage wh.ore :( . well i think ive said too much lol . x0xooo
Loving all you guysz heaps n` please try to comment stacks thanks.


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Latest Poems By xXBlεεdingMαscαяαXx

  • I notice a girl in the mirror,
    She's got a bitter smile and a broken down heart...

  • Her fiends don't know the pain she feels inside,
    All the tears and pain she hides...

  • She sits alone staring at the bottle,
    Shaking as she goes for another drink...

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  • You think seeing my scars is tough? Try being the one who makes them.

    11 years ago
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  • My arms were the paper.
    Razor, the pen.
    It told my whole story.

    11 years ago
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  • She moved her lips to every song.
    & he watched the tears fall.
    But he couldn't save her.
    No one could.

    11 years ago
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