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I've been into poetry for quite some time now... But have just recently started writing my on my own to help me get through life... I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and rated on all my poems... And I will return the favor as soon as I get the chance...

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  • Sometimes
    We must get hurt in order to grow
    We must fail in order to know
    Sometimes our visions clear
    Only after our eyes
    Are washed away with TEARS

    11 years ago
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  • No MaN iS wOrTh YoUr TeArS
    aNd ThE oNe WhO iS
    wOuLd NeVeR mAkE yOu CrY

    11 years ago
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  • I never realized how much I loved you, until you were gone and out of my sight. I never realized how much I missed you, until I knew you were never coming back...

    Comment my poems sometime... thanx

    12 years ago
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