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i'm annika, i use to love this website way more than i do now. it's sort of sad actually.

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  • I will break the stars in half.
    I will keep you until the end of time...

  • Chills burn though my legs and hit my bones with a...
    Drowning my mouth in strawberries and cream cough...

  • It isn't special. a sick and twisted stanza if you...
    nothing but glass beads and cheap underwear. it's...

  • Watching in the widow from across the street,
    That tongue and tobacco burned a whole in his...

  • Get out, please,
    Get out of my head...

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  • When everything is lonely,

    i can be my own best friend.

    get a coffee and a paper,

    have my own conversations.


    9 years ago
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  • And i guess its possible:; we've said it so many times that it doesn't even mean anything...

    10 years ago
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  • The thoughts in my head stand in a straight line between our two hearts.

    10 years ago
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