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hey all :)
my name is kyleeann, and i am 16
most of these on here are from when i was younger but there are some recent ones,
i love reading other peoples poems, there are so many amazing writers on this website! (kudos to you all(: )

i am a songwriter, well an aspiring song writer, and my dream is to become a singer.
right now i am reading alot about criminal law, because i want to be a criminologist. . .its absolutly fascinating to me :P

anywhoo, comment my poems, give some critism, it'd be greatly appreciated :)

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Latest Poems By Kyleeann

  • I've been thinking lately and I'm not sure how...
    i bet she doesn't look at you the way that i do...

  • Prom queen, beauty queen
    has everything your eyes dream...

  • I'm sorry i cant do this
    i know ive hurt you once before...

  • They say her body's like an hour glass,
    her voice is like an angel...

  • Lieing here with the old picture of you next to my...
    curiosity running wild through my head...

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  • Love is like the world it can be seperated into little tiny pieces or it can be put together as 1

    12 years ago
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  • Im talkin bout cant eat cant sleep reach for the stars reality is better than dreaming kinda love

    12 years ago
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  • U can give me a ring u got out of a ceral box and tell me u love me...and that would still be romantic

    12 years ago
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