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hey first of all thanks for taking the time to read my stuff and my poems!
my name is Ashlee.
over the past year i have changed in so many ways but the things that will always stay the same is that im
a cheerleader,dancer, and im in love with football!
i have lost alot of people that i love in my life.
i just lost 5 of my closest friends.
Brandon Pirie, Trey Robertson, Matthew Millet, and Aaron Harris
november 3 , 2007
my friends are my life!
and as each day goes by i learn to love them for who they are even more.

im a pretty open person. if you ask me whats wring and something wrong u better be ready for a novel!

hope you have fun reading my work!
plz help me out by leaving comments!

you can also check me out on myspace

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  • i love you now , i loved you then, and ill love you untill the end , so just tell me when your about to stab my heart again.... by me! WOOT

    11 years ago
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  • "whats the point in having wings if you cant fly away?" by me! =]

    11 years ago
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  • Love's like a rose, a beautiful thing that should be cherished but treat it wrong you'll get a prick.

    12 years ago
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