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Im seventeen years old and I love writing poems to help me cope with all my life experiences... I have been through alot and from that I have learned that life isnt easy but you have to keep going and not choose the easy way out. Learn from your mistakes.

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  • Im Sorry for being there when you needed me the...
    and for never once judging you when you were at...

  • As the days pass I start to wonder
    that life was better when I was younger...

  • Everything happens for a reason
    or so they say...

  • Mami...
    Me cargaste en tu estomago por nueve meses...

  • A Twenty Year Old
    A 20 year old lies down in his cell...

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  • The most beautiful things in this world cant be seen or touched, they can only be felt by the heart.

    12 years ago
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