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I am a christian, but very depressed...I am homeschooled and have a love for learning culinary arts. I have some amazing friends, that just aren't there for me, I am NOT emo, even tho my poems and quotes may seem like it...

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Latest Poems By Broken hearted and giving up

  • Face first into the ground
    Wishing you were still here...

  • We were perfect for each other
    And you don't seem to see...

  • On my knees
    I beg and I plead...

  • I long to sleep next to you
    I know you wish it too...

  • I wait for the day
    When I see that ring on my finger...

Latest Quotes By Broken hearted and giving up

  • You know, ever since you left, time seemed to stop. The world doesn't matter to me, time just seems to pass...thing is...your the one that made my world keep going. Since you left, life has stopped, but I need you in it to keep my world moving...

    8 years ago
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  • Our love is still going strong
    Can't you see?
    I see you
    And you see me..
    So lets live this love
    And show everyone its meant to be!!!

    8 years ago
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  • Its not like we dated for a month and broke up. The truth is we actually had something good. Something that meant something to both of us. And now we sit here, worlds apart, knowing that its meant to be. But both of us to scared to take a chance...

    8 years ago
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