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:::*:*:*::^I LuV Writin Poems As U Can C,Am Cool, i Show u Respect If u Kno How 2Show me, Dats da way it goes,*Only Get respect bak if u show it* Life is 2short 2b Corsing Pain>>>>>Fck Da Haterzz

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  • U

    You should of known
    i thought u would of seen it in my i...

  • I remember them days
    i always had a happy face...

  • I just started to believe
    that i had a life of joy...

  • (it's very long but VERY Good i didn't make it up...
    Dear Mommy, I am in Heaven now, my heart has been...

  • I'm here and your in another place
    I'm here day dreaming of your face...

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  • Meaning Of My LIFE Stands 4....


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