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My name is Bunny. I'm 16 years old. I like to write poems even though I get mad sometimes because they don't ryhme. I like to write when I'm sad.

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  • Age : 16
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  • Country : USA, Pennsylvania
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Latest Poems By Munequita

  • People always say dont worry because hes smiling...
    Sometimes I dont believe it because I dont want to...

  • Wanting to hear your voice
    Dying to call you but I know you wont be there to...

  • Its hard living life when all you have is fear
    Fear that youre going to lose the ones you love...

  • Baby I love you
    From the moment I took you out that car seat and...

  • Its just so crazy how things happen so fast
    I woke up scared but didnt no why...

Latest Quotes By Munequita

  • Count your money and put it in a bowl and at the end of the day see what u earned

    10 years ago
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  • ~I hope you wait for me at the door step
    I wish there was a window to look into but there's not
    So I'll just wait till we're together again~

    11 years ago
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  • {~You never know how much you love someone and how important they are until they're gone~}

    11 years ago
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