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Hi my danielle. Im a chirstian and i knw God will save us one day. Im also a selfharmer and i hate/love it. Its nothing to be proud of nether. If you do it please try to stop cause i now wot ur going through its hard and it hurts so much but its addictive. Anyone can contact me i dnt mind :) i love poetry its my world yet i dnt have many on here i will soon though x

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  • Me

    People don't know what I'm going through,
    They don't know what it is like to be me...

  • Until the death she shall not be beaten.
    By strength she shall arise...

  • A single speck upon the window sill, flutters...
    I'm just like this speck, I flutter aimlessly in...

  • Senses fall upon a distant memory.
    Attacking problems without fears...

  • The writings on the wall, speak a thousand words...
    Beckoning me forward to touch, to hold, to grasp...