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im just a girl even tough so young at age has gone through things many have not conquer yet but i belive in never giving up and to move on and stay strong even when life is at its lowest..
personality wise im hell out ther carzy as kan be and just alot of fun i keep my emotions and feeling to myself and have a really strong barrier around me..i never show that i am hurt or broken because i dont need sympathy and i dont see the point..the only way i let my emotions is through poetry..and i love it

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Latest Poems By FiLFY_GorGeZz

  • I didn think i would ever fall for you
    i just didnt think it could ever be true...

  • Living alone in a world of hatred and pain
    in a heart happiness ceases to be contained...

  • To be by your side through thick and thin
    grace you with my warmth within...

  • Its funny how close suddnly we have became
    from a friendship that was so undone...

  • I tell myself i'm over you
    that with all the pain & heartache i'm thru...