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if u can see through what u see, the brown hair across my perfect face, if u can see through the smile i wear and the light in my eyes, if u c the dark shattered world that lies beneath it all, then you've really found me...cuz beneath the smiles and laughter...theres a broken girl trapped away screaming desperatly as she's slowly dying...
~i'm just some gurl. found this site by accident and glad of it. i've been riting for awhile now but i wanna hear ur comments and knwo how my work really is. byes luvz~

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  • Just like a canvas, she's plastered in perfection
    Awaiting for the marks, the ones her painter...

  • The sun faded early
    Yet the moon never showed...

  • I watched the sun sink into the horizon
    I watched the day turn from an ocean of blue...

  • Right Here
    Canâ??t you see me...

  • She looks in the mirror at her reflection.
    The scars that run deep are starting to heal...

Latest Quotes By just*some*gurl

  • Girl: so what you planning on doin tonite
    guy: just think of you
    girl: and are those good thoughts?
    guy: the best

    11 years ago
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  • Guy: i love you
    girl: so much
    guy: not enough
    girl: but i do
    guy: i no :)
    girl: forever

    [promise me babe that this'll never change]

    11 years ago
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  • I'd be lying if i said i never thought of you
    and baby you know i'd be lying if i said i didn't love you

    11 years ago
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