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I always love to write, whether it be a poem, or a story. I am always the top of the class in literature, yes some of my poems are ill- written. I am in the process, my poems are deep but always have a meaning everyone of them! So enjoy and please be honest, i won't bite!
i am young i joined this website when i was 14 but pay attention and you shold be able to grasp the significance of my poetry and my personality.

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  • Age : 15
  • Gender : Unspecified
  • Country : USA, Kentucky
  • Joined : Sep 16, 2006
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Latest Poems By Bre

  • Screaming shouting hurting feeling
    lost in this sea of confusion...

  • Was it worth it what we gave away
    fort his friendship that now causes us pain...

  • The one i let in at night
    the person who i let into my life twice...

  • You date three so far
    all a reoccurring pattern with you...

  • I hear a scream
    I run to see...

Latest Quotes By Bre

  • A friend
    to a boyfriend
    to a lover
    to mine
    you are the one i want my kids to know as my one and only lover and as their dad

    11 years ago
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  • Friends who see you and care
    are the best because they are there

    11 years ago
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  • Love can not be judged by others,
    it is a feeling, emotion, a sixth sense,
    only you can decide if this love is true, everlasting love

    11 years ago
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