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Hey this is Sapphire! I've gone through many things in my life. I write poetry to escape, for a few moments at least. I have had good times, bad times, and days that just need to be erased from my brain. Most poems I write on the spur of the moment, inspired by something that caught my eye, or maybe about a friend. I'll start posting way more. I just haven't gotten the time to do it. I live my life with no regrets, my mistakes are what make me who I am. There are some poems which will have me regreting something but that's just how I felt at that moment. I'm a cheerleader and a Color Guard member and I enjoy both, but just cause i'm a cheerleader doesn't mean I can't get in depth. Comment and I'll comment back, always. You can put negative or positive. Whichever one is fine by me.

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  • "Every person has a world, that we do not see"

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