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There isn't that much to say about myself other then poetry brings out everything i need to say easier then simply talking about my feelings with friends. I don't know much at all about writing poetry so you could say i was self taught. Over the years my writing styles have changed dramatically, from simple little stories about life to long complex tales about death and deception. I guess you could say writing poetry is a rather large passion i have and i hope one day i can maybe get some of my work published for others to read.

Ok so other then that long introduction, I am 19 with dark brown hair and blue eyes. I'm about 160 lbs with a rather athletic build since i enjoy working out and keeping myself healthy. Playing ps2 is one of my past times and i also enjoy reading but can't really find any good books that keep me captivated enough. Music is also another major passion i have in life. Hand me a good cd and i'll be the happiest guy alive.

Well i think that about covers everything, wow i wrote alot lol

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