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I am 15 years old.
I love to write poems and songs.
I play the guitar and I sing.
I am a very funny and interesting person.
I like to ride four-wheelers, and drive anything that has a love to jam with my band...... 'D.O.S.' (My pianoist is Tyra Walton, and my drummer is Tanya Walton, I am the Guitarist and lead singer)
I hope you all like my poems..and comments and e-mails would be greatly appreciated...thanx

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Latest Poems By CiCi91

  • I drink the wine but it tastes like blood
    Light up the cigarette but its no fun...

  • I still need you in my life
    Can't even sleep at night...

  • When are we goin to be together?
    Will you love me now or will it take forever...

  • You've never seen me cry
    Or seen me dry my eyes...

  • I dont think you know just how much i love you,
    everything that i do, you dont know how true...

Latest Quotes By CiCi91

  • ~*Life is only a dream on the way to death*~

    10 years ago
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  • ~*The blood drips from off her neck, this is the night she'll never forget, she loved him, but she did not know, that he's was born from the devil, but it didn't show*~

    10 years ago
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  • ***I've looked into my heart and I swear that this is true, Through-out my entire life, All I've ever wanted was you***

    11 years ago
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