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Well I'm Daniel. I'm no poet since I suck at rhymes, but I hope u enjoy my "poems" lol

I don't write a lot because of my time, but I really like doing so.

What I write comes from my heart and dreams, and that's why I don't want it to rhyme, it would just sound too fake.

Well, that's me. Any questions, just ask by PM ^^

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  • Age : 17
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  • Into the eyes of darkness, we fall endlessly into...
    for the sins we do, and the ones we don't.We are...

  • I'm alone, alone in this whole world...
    The last person left, is me... the other one...

  • Life's getting dark, There's no one here.....
    "Please!! Let me go!!" I scream, but no...

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  • "Shall the darkness consume your souls and rip the flesh from your bones... so you can suffer and feel the pain once again..."

    10 years ago
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